Glen Reid has entered the new 2 hour clubman race and will be driving a 1982 Mazda RX7 Group C replica.

“I’ll be driving a 1982 Mazda RX7 Group C replica. The car is new, I haven’t raced it yet however I have raced in 2K Cup for a couple of seasons. My background is rallying so I’m fairly new to circuit racing with only a couple of seasons racing in NZ, mostly at Hampton downs and I’ve done a few races at Puke and Taupo so I wouldn’t say I’m very familiar compared to most of the other competitors in NIERDC events.

The car is new so we’ve only had a quick drive at Hampton downs and we had some engine issues which are fixed now. The chassis setup was good and we are confident the car will perform well for the class if the drivers are any good. I’m really happy the 2 hour race is going ahead otherwise we would just be circulating and watching the supercars blow by, which is good fun but we are not competitive, we will just be in their way. We’ve built a classic car which was competitive in the 80’s so it’s ideal having a breakout time which we will have to work hard to get our lap times down to.

I like to ride dirt bikes mostly for exercise, I don’t go to the gym or anything just walking regularly and watching what I eat. I do this for fun and for business, we are one of the sponsors of the event and we have a lot of Futura Trailers customers racing so it’s really cool to be racing with them and seeing what they drive and why they have purchased one of our trailers.

Dave and Karen and the team run a fantastic event, I’m expecting it will be even better this year with more competitors and a wider range of cars out there. The field gets more interesting each year and with the changes in the rules that’ll open up to even more cool machinery which will be exciting to see in the 1 and 3 hour races so I know it’s going to be a fantastic series and I’m really looking forward to being part of it!”.

Thanks Glen, we can’t wait to see you racing!

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