This race was created to cater for club and class cars so they have a chance at being at the pointy end rather than continuously looking in their rear vision mirror for GT3 cars.
We can also cater for classes who usually do sprint races and can field at least 5 cars, and we will make their own class. Imagine a 2 hour sprint race with Utes or Mazda, BMW’s or 86’s. Epic!

All the requirements are the same as the 1 and 3 hour for safety practices and number of crew with the exception of refuelling.
The committee wanted to ensure there was no mistakes made during refuelling so a minimum compulsory pit stop is required. This will take pressure from driver, tyre changes and refuelling.

Remember you still have to refuel first and you can’t refuel and change tyres at the same time, same as the 3 hour race.

Minimum lap time are:

  • Hampton Downs Nation Circuit: 1 min 13 sec
  • Pukekohe New Configuration: 1 min 13 sec
  • Taupo – 1 min 39 sec
  • Manfeild -1 min 15 sec               

If there is a break out you will first get a bad sportsmanship flag. The second breakout you will get a 10 second time penalty. The 3rd and subsequent breakout out will receive a driver through penalty.

As we may have some coverage, its important for the commentary team to know who is in the car, hence the main driver, the person whose name is listed as driver 2 on the entry form, must have the light illuminated while in the car.
This year will also see the ability to drop one round of the series, so even if you have an issue in one race, it won’t put you out of contention for the series.

We are buoyed by the number of teams interest in competing and encourage anyone who is interested to enter now as we have to sort classes and trophies, after all that’s what you are racing for, oh and of course a chocolate fish!

Hit the button below to register and secure your spot! 
Please enter ASAP so we can organise trophies and categories.

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