Chris Fleury has entered the 1-hour race and will be driving a classic Porsche 964 3.8l 1992.

Chris has been racing for about 10 years, “I was sick of being a pit bitch for a good friend and decided to get into racing myself. He gave me some great advice: if you are going to buy a race car don’t buy a Porsche. 4 weeks later I was the proud owner of a 1979 Porsche 911 SC race car”, he said. 

“The car is performing very well considering its age. The driver however is a very different story. Post 50 years old, countless injuries including broken backs have meant I am having to address 40 years of abusing my body”.
“I asked one of my mechanics how are we going to make this bloody car faster. His reply was: more seat time and you could lose some weight too. Have had a great Classic Festival in February which was three weekends in a row of racing, great seat time. Still working on weight management”.

Chris has always had a love for classic Porsche, he has raced them from the start and has them as his road car too.

He will be running solo this year, “team Goblin Racing has a long list of technical and strategic personnel. Sadly due to Covid, it will be just myself and my trusty crew Celia attending the race days”.

This will be the fourth North Island Endurance season he has entered and he is looking forward to getting back to the North Island, “I can’t see any overall placing podium finishes in the short term. Though over the series…. slow and steady, lets see”, he said.

The car is currently getting a facelift so Chris kindly sent us a draft picture 😂

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