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NIERDC History Class 2

The Golden Holmes North Island Endurance Series will enter it’s 7th season in 2020 so let’s take a look back at the previous class winners to date in Class 2 2001cc to 3500cc

2014 – Logan Morrell won Class 2 for the 1Hour race in the first year despite not finishing Round 2 at Taupo with Rex Thorley coming home in second in his turbo BMW E30 while Graeme Fraser took the last podium spot in his BMW E36 M3 in the 3Hour Richard & John Billingham & Lewis Scott won Class 2

2015 – Graeme Fraser won the 1Hour for Class2 in 2015 without winning a race with Craig Innes finishing second in his Seat Leon Supercopa while Chris Barendregt finished third in a Porsche 944 while Craig Innes won the 3Hour with Jamie McNee & Mark Maddren sharing co-driving duties with Adam Carpenter & Vivian Eden finished second in their Mazda Astina.

2016 – Nick Archibald won Class  in 2016 for the 1hour race driving his Subaru WRX Sti with Charles Rollo coming home in second in his Toyota AE86 Turbo with Derin Greenslade finishing third in his Honda CR-X while Richard Gee & Shaun Morris won the 3Hour in a Honda Civic EK to Paul Verryt & Shane Parsons in a Honda CR-X, Andrew Leach, Robert Parker & Julies Coffey came home in third driving a Rotary powered Porsche 924.

2017 – Graeme Fraser would win the 1Hour again in 2017 wining all three races in his BMW M3 E36 while Charles Rollo came home second in his Toyota AE86 Turbo with Nick Archibald finishing third in his Subaru WRX Sti. While in the 3Hour Paul Verryt & Shane Parsons won Class three in their Honda CR-X with rookie’s Bryan Symes & Lochlainn Fitzgerald – Symes finished second in their Seat Leon Supercopa while Rob Williams & Scott Harrison finished third in a Mazda RX8

2018 – Charles Rollo won Class 2 for the 1Hour in his Toyota AE86 Turbo with series rookie Matt Penney coming home in second in the Bryan Symes owned Seat Leon Supercopa while Marco Schelp finished third in his ex -World Touring Car BMW E46 320. Bryan Symes & Lochlainn Fitzgerald Symes would win all three races for the 3 Hour in their Seat Leon Supercopa with Shane Holland & Thomas Sutton coming home in second in a Mazda RX7 while Shane Helmes & Rob Bolland finished third in their very cool BMW E30 M3.

2019 – Charles Rollo went back to back in 2019 despite only just finishing the last round with Nick Archibald coming home in second in his Subaru WRX Sti while it was the Subaru Legacy of Wade Stevenson finishing third. Shane Holland & Thomas Sutton won Class 2 in their Mazda RX7 with Greg Brinck & Stephan Harrison finishing second in their Audi A3 Turbo with the newly imported Hyundai i30N TCR car owned by Mark Petch finishing third with Gene Rollinson & Jordan Michels taking driving duties   

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